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CIMA is a professional qualification in Accounting, Finance & Business. It is recognised as equivalent to a degree or even a masters degree. Many University graduates pursue CIMA. Many employers in different industries in different countries employ CIMA professionals as Finance Directors, Chief Financial Officers, Financial Controllers, Accountants, Consultants etc. Upon completion with relevant experience, students will qualify as a Chartered Management Accountant and a Chartered Accountant to accelerate their career.


QPR is an authorised and dedicated learning provider for CIMA. Learn from PETER THOO, a qualified CIMA member and a Chartered Accountant with more than 10 years of senior teaching experience in CIMA, ACCA & Degree courses in reputable Colleges & Universities. Further he also has more than 10 years of experience in industry as a Financial Controller, Director, Accountant and Senior Finance Manager in Multinational companies, Listed Companies in Malaysia and abroad.




MBA (New England), CA(M), ACMA, CGMA, ICSA

Chartered Accountant, Senior Lecturer & Trainer

Tel: 016 – 3802869


You can become a CIMA member by choosing the new alternative pathway to the CIMA Qualification

The Finance Leadership Program has been designed to give you the skills, practical experience and forward-thinking, entrepreneurial mindset business needs of their finance professionals.

It's an online learning program, similar in scope and rigor to a master’s degree, that teaches you the finance, business, people and leadership skills that you need to succeed in the finance team of the future. All your learning, assessments and CaseStudy exam preparation takes place within the comprehensive FLP platform. 


Why choose the CIMA Finance Leadership Program (FLP) ? 

The digital-first route that guides you every step of the way:

  • Entirely online - All your learning, assessments and Case Study exam preparation takes place within a comprehensive online platform.

  • Topics are assessed continuously while you learn, in lieu of objective tests.

  • Contains all the resources you need to get the CIMA Qualification.

  • Self-paced digital environment - Online courses you can do anytime, anywhere, at your pace.

  • Tutor videos, interactive exercises, business simulation assignments and mock exams.

  • 1, 2 or 3 year subscription that includes your registration, learning, exam preparation, assessments and exams.

  • Exact same syllabus as the Professional CIMA qualification.

  • Sign up with QPR Excel and get our support to complement your access to the FLP platform. You will be supported by our CIMA qualified members and Chartered Accountants. QPR Excel is an authorised and exclusive learning provider for CIMA with a proven track record.



The FLP teaches the same competencies as other routes to the CIMA Professional Qualification. This prepares finance professionals for careers in management accounting. Students will be assessed on the same material and must demonstrate the same level of competency and experience to earn the CGMA designation and CIMA membership.

With the FLP, learning is part of an all-inclusive subscription package and delivered online in a self-paced digital environment. The FLP offers you the opportunity to both learn the material and sit online assessments at your speed. As there is no Objective Test (OT) exam date to schedule or work towards, you can study when you want, wherever you are, and even learn the topics in whichever order you like. Case study exams can be sat at an assessment centre or taken remotely online, thus creating a true digital learning


NOTE: There will be no objective tests for P1, F1, E1, P2, F2, E2, P3, F3 & E3. It will be replaced by online assessments at your speed.

What will you learn? 

Technical skills — Applying technical accounting and finance skills in different business situations

Business skills — Transforming data into insights and strategy

People skills — How to communicate, influence, negotiate and collaborate

Leadership skills — Building and motivating teams and driving performance

Digital skills — Manage and guide the finance function in a digital world



Start at the Operational level if you hold a Diploma in Accounting or bachelor’s degree or above in business. Exam: Operational Case Study. 


Start at the Management level if you hold a bachelor’s degree or above in accounting or finance or Diploma in Performance Management from CIMA. Exam: Management Case Study. 



For those who completed CIMA management level. If you are a CPA member or MIA member, you have the option to skip right to the CGMA Strategic Level Case Study Exam. Exam: Strategic Level Case Study Exam. 


NOTE: There will be no objective tests for P1, F1, E1, P2, F2, E2, P3, F3 & E3. It will be replaced by online assessments at your speed.



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